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AFX-02 Mamuna MKII by HandofManos

This is undoubtly one of your best works when it comes to orthographic views. It could be easily mistaken for a book illustration or even a semi-official book about the plane. What I like about this one the most is the amount of subtle details that add up to a amazing drawing.
Gloss is one of the more defining element of this one, adding a good layer of depth and making it easier to get a grip of the fighter's complex shapes. Textures are also nicely done, with one leading color but a lot of shades and a slight touch of blue and yellow, with some red details as well.
The only bit that bugs me the most is the fact that shadow work could be a bit more powerful. Shadows are nice, but the ship seems to be pretty heavily lighted from each side and having a bit darker underside could give it a bit more dramatic look and help it to look "lighter", by having the sleeker top more in focus.
Cockpit is also lacking details, but from your next drawin I can see that you're already addressing that one.
Overall I think it's an amazing image and deserves only high notes.
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